Top Shoe Trends in 2021-22

Top Shoe Trends in 2021-22 ?>

Are you ready for this year’s shoe trends? We’re more than halfway into 2021, and this year’s shoe styles and new trends are as surprising as we expected them to be. Fashion has brought out old and forgotten shoes, turned crappy styles into chic ones, and retained many comfortable ones from last year. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at six exciting shoe trends this year that you can buy.

Flip flops
Flip flops have always been the annoying beach footwear, but now, luxury brands have crafted them into something phenomenal. Comfortable, stylish, and super-chic, the elevated flip flops are the new talk to the town. Moreover, they are easygoing and almost effortless to style. And they don’t have to be limited to the beach anymore. Pair it with tailored trousers, slit jeans, or fancy florals for a stylish look.

Ballet shoes
Believe it or not, ballet flats are in style even in 2021. Big names like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Jimmy Choo have some great options when it comes to ballet flats. As surprising as it may sound, ballet flats genuinely deserve to be on this list. This is because they are super comfortable, look very stylish, and can pair perfectly with almost anything.

Sporty sneakers
The WFH culture has taken on bringing the good old sports sneakers back in style. Pair them with a cute bra top and high-rise leggings for a perfect sporty look. Also, apart from sportswear, sneakers have the potential to turn any outfit into a cool and casual one magically. In fact, they work well paired with feminine clothing like short skirts, boyfriend jeans, and even satin dresses. If you’re specifically looking for stylish and practical tennis shoes, check out Adizero Ubersonic 4. Designed by sports giant Adidas, this shoe is made with high-performance recycled materials and features an ultra-light midsole for swift movement. Adizero Ubersonic shoes are available in seven colors and from sizes seven to 13.

Gone are the days when loafers were only associated with dads and bad fashion choices. With a little bit of shimmer and a few other minor changes, loafers are back in the game and, not so surprisingly, quite trendy too. They are taking over the flat-shoe game. They look stunning paired with cute floral dresses, skirts, and even sweats.

Be it combat, straight leg, or square toe, boots are always in style. They look fabulous and also happen to pair with almost any outfit. Moreover, they help keep your feet warm when the temperatures drop. So, if you buy a pair of boots, know that you can keep them forever. Because it doesn’t matter what year or what season, boots are always trendy.

Thick heels
After a year of wearing almost no heels, we are going to need some practice. That is where thick chunky heels come into the picture. They are more comfortable than stilettos and much more stable too. They’re great for the office or a party downtown with the girls. And they are something we will need before fully transitioning back from flats to heels.

If none of these is your style, you might want to check out Adidas x Fiorucci. Adidas recently partnered with the Italian fashion label Fiorucci to produce a unique collection of footwear and clothing. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or someone who prefers sandals, Adidas x Fiorucci offers everything you need.