Top 7 embarrassing questions to ask a gynecologist

Top 7 embarrassing questions to ask a gynecologist ?>

Every so often, there are questions that even the most outspoken of us may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask the gynecologist. If you have questions about your health, it is best to speak up and be frank with your healthcare provider. As trained professionals, they are used to answering all kinds of queries to improve your understanding of your body. Here are some of the most commonly asked “embarrassing” questions at the gynecologist’s office:

Does my vulva look normal?
It’s pretty normal to wonder if your vulva looks “normal” compared to other women. Just like people, vulvas come in various shapes, sizes, and characteristics and are all considered “normal.” However, if you have noticed abnormal changes in your vulva, it may be worth conversing with your gynecologist.

Why am I not interested in having sex anymore?
Several different factors could result in low libido in women. It can result from stress, birth control or other medical treatments, or menopause. In fact, low libido is one of the common side effects of using birth control. While this is considered normal, it is advised to keep one’s gynecologist updated if one faces such issues. Talking about it with your doctor can help you find a simple solution.

Is vaginal discharge normal?
Discharge is normal; color and consistency change throughout your menstrual cycle. For instance, just before and after periods, a white vaginal discharge can be observed, which is an indicator of normal reproductive function. In the luteal phase (the week before the period begins), the discharge is known as leukorrhea, and it carries fluid and cells shed from the vagina. You may also experience more discharge during pregnancy due to a change in your hormonal levels. However, a change in the quantity, color, and odor, along with a sensation of burning, pain, or itching, may result from infection. Speak to your doctor if you experience any such changes.

Should I shave/groom/wax before my visit?
People may sometimes be concerned about how the gynecologist perceives their grooming habits. For example, if you think your pubic hair may be concealing a concerning spot, you can shave or groom before your visit. If not, don’t worry about what they may think; go as you feel most comfortable.

Why does my vaginal discharge smell?
A certain amount of body odor is normal. It may result from your discharge, menstrual cycle, or even sweating. Speak to your gynecologist about what is expected and what isn’t. Generally, a foul or fishy odor signals an underlying infection and may require medical attention.

Why can’t I have an orgasm?
According to certain studies, 10-20 percent of women experience trouble having an orgasm during sexual intercourse with a partner. You do not need to be embarrassed about not finding sex pleasurable enough. There are plenty of treatments out there that can help you enjoy sex and experience orgasms.

How do I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases/infections?
The ‘barrier’ method is the best way to protect yourself from STIs, using male or female condoms and dental dams. In addition, you and your partner(s) should get tested regularly for STIs so you are not at risk of contracting or transmitting it.

Instead of looking for solutions online, it is advisable to speak to a doctor, as you are more likely to receive a personalized solution to your query.