Foods to eat and tips to manage back pain

Foods to eat and tips to manage back pain ?>

It can be challenging to perform daily activities when dealing with back pain. And if that pain is chronic and debilitating, it might start impacting one’s lifestyle, work, and overall wellness. The condition might have causes that aren’t due to an underlying disease. Examples include over-exercising, prolonged sitting, lifting heavy weights without a back brace, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Slouching and improper posture is also contribute to back pain.

Here are some foods, tips, and treatment options that can help manage back pain:

Foods to eat

Olive oil
Olive oil is a treasure trove of good properties we require for our food. It contains oleocanthal, which works as a natural pain reliever. That, combined with other anti-inflammatory properties, makes it one of the natural choices for backache pain treatment options. Adding a teaspoon or two of olive oil to soups, salads, and other preparations is enough to reap its benefits.

Ginger contains gingerol, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that helps alleviate pain. It is helpful in backache treatment options and relieving other joint or muscle aches. Adding ginger to daily meals or having it in tea can be highly beneficial for reducing inflammation and back pain.

Dairy products like cheese
Calcium, an anti-inflammatory compound, maintains bone density and helps strengthen them. Having dairy and dairy products like yogurt and cheese helps increase the calcium content in our bodies. For vegans, alternatives like soy-based products can be had. The foods mentioned above also contain vitamin D3. Calcium and vitamin D3 help get rid of backache and other joint aches.

Thyme is known to relieve chronic pain. Although it isn’t clear how it does that, it has been proven to be a natural pain reliever. Adding it to preparations like pasta and soup can help one reap its benefits.

Tips to reduce back pain
Apart from these foods, here are some tips to reduce back pain. First, try swapping out the old, dingy mattress for one that provides support to the back. Make sure to use an ergonomic chair while doing any work. Additionally, avoid consuming processed foods, as they increase inflammation in the body and exacerbate back pain.

Home remedies and treatment options to manage back pain
This includes regular physical activity that helps relax the spine and back muscles. Relaxation practices like light stretching and heat and ice therapy can help relieve back pain. If one is looking for immediate relief, they can use medications like Tylenol or Advil. These are made of acetaminophen and ibuprofen, respectively, and both work by interfering or blocking the pain messages and reducing inflammation.

Apart from nutrition, speak to your doctor about radiofrequency ablation for back treatment. This option involves heating a part of the nerve that transmits pain to the tissue by creating a lesion. This lesion prevents the nerve from sending signals, leading to long-term pain relief.