Five reasons to buy the 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Five reasons to buy the 2020 Toyota Tacoma ?>

As far as midsize pickup trucks go, it has become increasingly hard to look beyond Toyota’s Tacoma. The revolutionary truck has been a segment leader for more than a decade now. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma, which was released in September last year, is all set to continue the legacy. Replete with top-notch and cutting-edge upgrades and features the 2020 Toyota Tacoma still rules the roost. Continue reading to know why you should buy the 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

  • Powerful off-road experience

A common reason behind buying trucks is to add adventure to your travel. Off-roading brings great thrill and trucks are ideal for such challenging terrains. For years, the Tacoma has pioneered the art of off-roading and the 2020 model is no exception.

The TRD Off-Road trim is specially designed for such environments and is equipped with Blistein shocks that have valves tuned for off-roading. Additionally, there’s a multi-terrain select feature replete with modes that aid the driver in crossing different types of surfaces by adjusting traction control and engine throttle. Crawl control is another sensor system that enables the 2020 Toyota Tacoma to crawl over rocks or sand.

  • Tough and dependable truck

For 13 years Tacoma has been America’s first-choice midsize pickup, and for good reasons! The build quality of the car has been solid through the years, with the 2020 Toyota Tacoma living up to the reputation.

2020 Toyota Tacoma’s frame is made of high-strength steel while the body features hot-stamped, ultra high strength steel. Customer reviews of the car are equally good, with most of them praising the durability, dependability, and longevity of the model.

  • Enhanced experience with Multi-terrain Monitor (MTM)

Available only on certain trims, the Multi-terrain Monitor (MTM) is another feature that adds to the 2020 Tacoma’s unique off-roading experience. The system utilizes cameras in the front, rear, and both sides of the car to help drivers navigate their way past major obstacles. Views, which are displayed on the touchscreen, can be changed simply by the press of a button.

  • Multi-functional bed

Among the countless benefits of pickup trucks includes the presence of a bed. The standard bed length of the 2020 Tacoma is six feet, although it can also be five feet depending on the trim level. Pretty much every model has a deck rail system that includes adjustable tie-down cleats for transporting cargo.

The beds are made of incredibly strong sheet-molded composite surfaces that are more durable than steel on impacts.

  • Countless intelligent systems

While it may seem just another truck from the outside, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma is nothing less than a top-notch car from the inside. Apart from the base SR model, which sports a seven-inch display, all the other trims are equipped with an eight-inch display and are compatible with a host of next-generation technology.

The TRD Pro even has a premium audio system, advanced navigation, JBL Speaker sound system, HD radio, and much more. A host of advanced safety systems, meanwhile, are also included in the car and provide safety especially while off-roading.