6 silent warning signs of skin cancer

6 silent warning signs of skin cancer ?>

Skin cancer includes multiple classifications, with each sub-type being distinct in terms of areas affected and some symptoms. Like most cancers, skin cancer is treatable in its initial stages when the malignancy has not spread to other parts of the body. However, some early signs can be mistaken for simple cuts, wounds, or common allergic reactions. To avoid that, here are some common silent signs of skin cancer one should not ignore:

Frequent shaving injuries
Shaving injuries are common in men. However, if a person frequently sustains injuries such as cuts or bruises after shaving, then they need to consult their local healthcare expert immediately. Some kinds of skin cancers, such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, make the skin highly fragile. As a result of that, skin bleeds and soreness may become increasingly common occurrences for men after even the most gentle of shaves.

Another major red flag indicative of skin cancer is bleeding in the same spot multiple times.

Moles that are neither brown nor black
Skin cancer is characterized by the presence of moles on the skin. More importantly, these moles are often skin-colored, and not brown or black like most moles people get. Dermatologists and healthcare experts can conduct cancer screening to diagnose skin cancer in patients based on the presence of such moles on their skin.

Pimples that do not go away
Basal cell carcinoma shows itself on a person’s skin in the form of skin-colored, translucent, or pink-hued pimples that people normally develop due to acne, hormonal imbalance, and allergic reactions. However, such pimples are recurring in nature, and simply do not vanish even after many months or years.

So, if a person has a skin-colored outgrowth that resembles a pimple and does not go away, they will need to check with their dermatologist to know whether they need to undergo screening for cancer or they can ignore the pimple.

Dark bands on nails
People with skin cancer often develop brown and black-colored bands on their fingernails or toenails. While such bands may look like simple injuries caused by a collision, having these is a major cause for concern. Doctors measure the length and width of the bands in patients to know about the extent of cancer spread they may have.

So, if the width of the band is more than three millimeters, doctors suggest patients consume certain prescription-based products or begin undergoing treatment immediately. All in all, a dark vertical line on the nails of a person’s fingers or toes is definitely one of the key silent signs of skin cancer.

Itching or bleeding moles
The moles that people develop in the early stages of skin cancer often cause intense itching or unexplained bleeding after they break. Unlike normal scenarios, such bleeding is not caused by pressure or injuries.

Spot on body parts not exposed to the sun
People can develop and show signs of skin cancer in body areas that are not exposed to the sun. For instance, it is not uncommon for individuals to show vague spots and marks on the sole of their feet.