6 reasons to switch to e-signatures

6 reasons to switch to e-signatures ?>

Electronic document signing software enables you to attach your signature to a document electronically. Which is to say, you won’t have to run around the office looking for a vacant printer and scanner every time you’re sent a document to sign. The process might sound complex, but it’s extremely easy and efficient. Of course, you’ll first need a good-quality scanned image of your signature. But that’s the only trip you’ll be making to the scanner for a long long time.

How is it useful?
Whether you’re a student jotting down class notes, an employee taking down points from a meeting, or a homemaker collating your special recipes, word or PDF documents are the go-to options. Just as easily and frequently, we’re used to attaching documents in our email. But do you ever wonder how creating and sharing documents comes so easily to us, yet we use a pen to sign? Sure, it gives an immense amount of satisfaction to scribble with a pen across the dotted lines at the end of these important-looking documents. But is that reason enough to keep dragging out the process?

A couple of decades ago, electronic document signing software would have been a joke, but it’s here now, and it can make a huge difference. Here are a few benefits of using this software:

  • Electronic signatures save you and your company the hassle of having to get prints every time a document needs to be signed. This will save the time of multiple employers, which is always beneficial as that time can be spent doing something much more productive to contribute to the organization’s growth.
  • The software keeps track of your activity and also helps you send and receive a notification if you ever forget about a document.
  • An electronic document signing software saves you from having to file every document you sign, as it automatically maintains a record of all your documents.
  • Some of these software also provide you offline access to your documents and are compatible with all your devices and platforms.
  • They are safe and secure to use anytime and anywhere. These software are encrypted, which ensures that your documents are not tampered with.
  • Not only does an electronic signature save your time, effort, and resources, but it is also legally binding. Documents signed using an electronic document signing software have as much legal validity and acceptance as a document you sign physically.

With all these benefits, why would you not want to skip the long waiting lines at the printers? Lay off the multiple trips in a day to the printer room and save on your productive time. To start with, you can check out Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Secured Signing, SignEasy, or KeepSolid Sign. These user favorite programs are sure to get you hooked to e-signatures.