5 ways homeowners can stay safe from home title theft

5 ways homeowners can stay safe from home title theft ?>

Home title theft is a serious concern for homeowners across the country. The term describes real estate fraud, where scammers and identity thieves target properties to fraudulently transfer their ownership. Once they successfully do this, they can forge deeds to apply for home equity loans, refinance the mortgage, etc., in the homeowner’s name, leading to severe financial and legal trouble for homeowners. Thus, here are some things homeowners must do to protect their properties.

Keep track of their mail and bills
Monitoring the mail closely is an often overlooked aspect of ensuring that there has been no home title theft. If one notices that they have not been receiving their regular mail or bills, it could be possible that something is amiss. In such a situation, one must contact the billing companies to find out if there has been an error from their side. If not, there may be chances that identity thieves have changed their home address. Moreover, it is also essential to ensure that the mailboxes have enough safety. This is because thieves may attempt to intercept the mail to gain access to sensitive documents or information related to the property.

Regularly monitor credit reports
Whether one is a homeowner or not, they must regularly monitor their credit report. This helps them ensure that no fraudulent purchases have been made in their name. It also helps them be on the lookout for any suspicious applications for credit cards or loans that they didn’t initiate. Any suspicious activity reflected in the credit report can alert homeowners regarding a potential home title theft.

Invest in owner’s title insurance
It is crucial for homeowners to get an owner’s title insurance. This insurance provides protection against any claims filed against the property after they purchase it. One can consult a reputable title insurance company to secure a policy that safeguards their property’s title and offers peace of mind against any claims that could arise due to title theft.

Stay wary of scammers
Home title thieves can disguise themselves as legitimate entities to gain access to the homeowners’ personal and financial information. Hence, it is essential to be cautious when receiving unsolicited communication about the property. One must verify the identity of anyone requesting sensitive information, whether on call or in person.

Secure personal documents
To ensure safety from any kind of identity theft, one must ensure that they have stored their personal documents in a safe and secure place. These also include property documents, such as deeds and mortgage paperwork, that identity thieves could use to conduct home title theft. Along with securing important documents, it is also important to shred old documents that are no longer needed. Old documents, especially those containing personal or financial information, could also pose a risk if identity thieves can access them.