5 unique ways to make use of your tablets

5 unique ways to make use of your tablets ?>

Tablets are some of the most popular electronic gadgets in this day and age. What makes them so unique is that they combine the power of a laptop or desktop with the portability and size of a smartphone. However, many individuals are unaware of all the different ways a tablet can be used. Read on to learn about the multiple purposes of tablets and how they can suit your personal and professional requirements.

Second monitor
One of the many perks of owning a tablet is that it can be used as a screen or monitor. If you prefer to work with multiple monitors, you can use your tablet as a second or third one. Most tablets have the built-in ability to connect to laptops, desktops, and even other tablets. It allows you to extend the screen from one device to the other, making your work much smoother and more manageable. Therefore, if you already have a tablet, you can consider skipping out on expenses on another monitor. To hook up your tablet to your personal computer or laptop, you simply need to use the extend your display function available with your operating system. You can also mirror or duplicate your laptop/desktop display to your tablet.

Another great and smart way to use your tablet is to use it as a reader. No more shopping for books and waiting for them to get delivered to your house. You can buy the books online and read them on various ebook applications. If you already have a tablet, you do not need to splurge again on e-readers such as the Kindle. Most tablets can allow you to read any format, including ebooks and comic books. You can also check out news and information applications where you can check out magazines or even read the latest happenings across the globe. Tablets also come with features that make your reading experience more enjoyable. On many new models, you have brightness, low blue-light exposure, or night mode.

Drawing tool
Your tablet can be connected to your desktop/personal computer and be used as an art book. Yes, you read that right. Many applications and drawing tools on your tablet allow you to use it as a drawing pad. These interactive applications will enable you to redo, undo, save easily, and even erase your work. Digital art is all the rage right now, and the portability of tablets has made them a popular tool for doing art. You may need to invest in a good stylus for your artwork.

Controlling electronic appliances
Tablets can also control other devices, such as TV or air conditioners. Most new tablets come with inbuilt infrared that can be used to manage your other devices. You must set up the device and connect it to your household appliances. Some tablets also come with remote applications that make it easy to connect your tablet as a remote to other devices. You can also use your tablet to control your refrigerator and washing machine. This is because many of the newer household appliances come with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be managed via an application.

Car dashboards provide the most basic of amenities and features. But you can do much more if you connect your tablet and use it as your car dashboard. Your tablet will allow you to access navigation, music, and even voice commands with ease.

If you’re looking to purchase a tablet, you can wait until Black Friday rolls around. Popular brands such as Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung may offer great deals and discounts. You can purchase a tablet of your choice while saving a huge amount.